Osaka hotels guide for buyers of car auction

Sometimes We are receiving enquiries from our customers about contact information of hotels in Osaka for business trip. Below is one of good information page about Osaka hotels. You can check many hotels information with reviews. From Hotel to Auction hall, We will arrange transportation service. We will assist your car auction buying as auction agent.

Hotels information in Osaka

Osaka is located in main island of Japan, which has major landmarks in own city. For example, Osaka Castle, Glico Man, Kani Doraku Crab, Osaka aquarium, Universal Studios Japan, etc.  We recommend You enjoy go to some landmarks when stay in Japan.


Todoroki Trading blog page started

We started blog page in our official website.
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Todoroki Trading Japanese used car exporter’s blog

We’ll write useful information about JDM Japanese used cars and trucks. Please visit above our blog page.

JDM Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t type m for sale Japan. HCR32 Skyline import from Japan to Canada or Europe.

Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t typ-M for sale Japan. Modified unit.

This unit has a lot of performance parts. Installed parts,

HKS Front mounted intercooler, HKS Hiper Max Pro Coil over, RAYS ” MODEL 6 ” 17inch Alloy, TEIN tension rods, APEX’i Semi Titanium Muffler, GT-R Aluminium bonnet, PIAA Xenon head light system, EAST BEAR Front Bumper, NISMO DUCT in front bumper, ( Chassis side step, Rear under, Rear spoiler, Nissan’s standard body kits) Side step rigidity up by urethane foam, MINES ECU for Racing type, BRIDE seat, PERSONAL Racing type steering RAZO Racing pedals, HKS 4 Additional Gauges, HKS Boost controller, HKS Turbo Timer, YASHIO FACTORY water spray system, NISMO 260KM/L scale speed meter, NISMO shift knob, CUSCO Floor Bar, CUSCO Rear Bar, APEX’i Air fitler, I- SPEC Radiator cap, SAMCO Hose, Oil Cooler, CUSCO Front tower bar, HKS Boost control unit, YASHIO FACTORY Water spray for Intercooler, Earth cables.

For more info, FOB and CIF price, detail, pics, please visit below page.



2001 Mazda Demio for sale Japan. Export to worldwide.

Top end model grade ALETTA, mileage 64000km, Blue metallic, very shiny.

Export to Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Antigua, other countries.

This is a real exist stock, not sample, such as other some dealers. We can show you proof of exist.

If You have any anxious, please let us know it when You contacted us.

Why don’t you import try this Demio from us to your country ?

Please contact us via following our website stock page, not from this page on wordpress.



TEL / FAX +81-72-874-2006

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For customers who live in Swahili langauge area :

Tunahakikisha kwamba tutatuma gari Mombasa ( or Dar es salaam ) mda tu tutakapo pata malipo. ASANTE SANA.

RX7 FD3S Mazda used car import from Japan to Germany

We received news from our customer. He import modified RX7 FD3S model from us, and He received his car ! Congratulations !   Enjoy Rotary engine sports car, Mazda RX7 is great fun biturbo ( twin turbo ) powerful car. Thank you so much for sending us your RX7 picture !

rx7 import from japan

For Germany customers, We can arrange shipping to Bremeharven port, shipping method is by RORO car carrier ship. If You are interested in importing Mazda RX7 or other model Japanese used cars, please feel free contact us.

RX7 FD3S import from Japan to Durban South Africa, Mazda RX7 used car

This is one example that We received pic from customer. He imported Mazda RX7 from us, He received his car at Durban port in South Africa ! Enjoy car life !!  Congratulations !! We hope this RX7 will become great memory in his life. We think, nobody want to buy lemon car. As RX7 fun, everyone want to buy good condition RX7. We, TODOROKI TRADING is trying to supply only good condition cars everytime for customer’s satisfy. Although, buyer ( You ) have to search about import process in your country, but it’s not time waste, it will be great experience in your life.  Let’s enjoy rotary engine car life.  Thank you so much for sending us your RX7 pic !


Why don’t you try import car from Japan directly by yourself ?

We’ll assist your car import. Please feel free to cotact us.

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Mazda Demio DW3W 2000year model for sale Japan, CIF Mombasa, Dar es salaam, Durban, ASK US

Mazda Demio DW3W, FOB US$950, excellent condition, grade 4.  Blue metallic,

For more info,

please contact us via our website.


18-22 Shindenhonmachi Daito Osaka Japan

TEL +81-70-874-2006 or +81-90-2386-6573

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