About us

Japanese used car & truck exporter based in Osaka Japan.

USS auction member.

18-22 Shindenhonmachi Daito Osaka Japan

TEL/FAX +81-72-874-2006

Web : http://www.todoroki-trading.com

E-mail : info@todoroki-trading.com


2 Responses

  1. I would like to visit you in your place to discuss with about some important issues. I do believe I haave good chance for both of us.

    My name is Ammar (from Sudan/Africa) ,, living here in Osaka , and will stay at least 3 years (2012).

    I have two potential businesses with Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

    I prefer someone can speak English .. as I can not use Japanese Language.

    If you agree to meet me , please send me the suitable day and time .. and how to get to your place from either UMEDA or SENRI-CHUO.

    Regrads ,,

  2. Dear Sir
    Thank you so much for your message,
    I sent you my reply to your e-mail address.
    Please check it.
    Best Regards

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