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2001 Mazda Demio for sale Japan. Export to worldwide.

Top end model grade ALETTA, mileage 64000km, Blue metallic, very shiny.

Export to Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Antigua, other countries.

This is a real exist stock, not sample, such as other some dealers. We can show you proof of exist.

If You have any anxious, please let us know it when You contacted us.

Why don’t you import try this Demio from us to your country ?

Please contact us via following our website stock page, not from this page on wordpress.



TEL / FAX +81-72-874-2006

E-mail :

For customers who live in Swahili langauge area :

Tunahakikisha kwamba tutatuma gari Mombasa ( or Dar es salaam ) mda tu tutakapo pata malipo. ASANTE SANA.