Starlet Glanza V pocket rocket for sale Japan, import to UK, Ireland, Europe


1998 year, real mileage 71400km good condition unit.
Modified unit MAX Boost 1.0kg/cm2, Very fast pocket rocket, why don’t you import this unit from Japan ?

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APEX’i boost gauge, HKS air filter, HKS Fuel cut defencer, Upgrade actuator, TEIN coilover, BLITZ muffler, TRD plug cables, Sports brake pads, etc.

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1994 JDM Mazda RX7 FD3S modified for sale Japan, import to Canada, UK, Ireland, etc

Nice parts installed, 95000km, non accident history. We can arrange shipping to your country, please feel free contact us via our website.

Modified spec:

HKS Air filter, muffler, TRUST front mounted intercooler & piping kit, APEX-i Power FC and FC Commander, Sprit fire cables, Cusco clutch, Defi 4 additional gagues, RECARO, C-WEST body kits, AVS 18inch alloy, MOMO steering, shift knob, Tanabe sustec pro coilover,

more and more.

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18-22-102 Shindenhonmachi Daito Osaka Japan


1992 Mazda RX7 FD3S modified for sale Japan, Import to Canada, South Africa, etc.

1992 Mazda RX7 FD3S ECU modified car for sale Japan, only 94,400 Km. Good rotary engine, Good running condition. Mines ECU, Blitz power meter, RECARO, BILSTEIN sus, TANABE muffler, HKS air filter, D-MAX body kits and wide fender, Carbon rear wing, 18inch RAYS alloy, more many parts installed.

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Importing japanese used car from Japan to Africa

We received one pic from our customer who bought Toyota Celica GT-FOUR Turbo from us.

Sometimes, We are receiving these pics from customers, anytime We will assit you of your car life after import. It’s really our plreasure.


In the case of South Africa, import port is Durban. We will delivery your car by car carrier ship.

After You got ITAC permission, let’s try import the car from Japan.

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1997 Honda Civic EK9 type-R for sale N.Ireland UK

1997 nice condition Honda CIVIC EK9 type-R for sale N.Ireland UK, in Antrim.

105600km, non accident history, RED RECARO, MOMO steering, Key-less,  Trimmed condition.

Price 5950GBP, include fully registered, 1 year MOT, 6month TAX.

Fresh import, arrival to UK Ireland, end of Oct 2008, for more info, pics, etc,

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1995 Mazda RX7 FD3D for sale Japan, import to UK, Ireland, South Africa, etc

Good condition unit. 1995 year RX7 FD3S rotaly engine, modified unit for sale Japan.

Modify parts: C-WEST body kits, MAZDA SPEED Rear wing, HKS Muffler, HKS Turbo Timer, HKS Coilover, M’s air filter, RECARO seat, RAYS VOLK Racing 17inch alloy, MOMO steering, MAZDA SPEED shift knob,

Why don’t you import this unit from Japan by yourself ? We will delivery this unit to your country by car carrier ship. UK, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Other countries.

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1992 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Type-R for sale, import from Japan to Canada Vancouver, Tronto, Montreal, etc

1992 year unit, 96500km, non accident history, Very clean car,

CUSCO coilover, ARC airfilter, 5ZIGEN muffler, ADVAN Racing alloy, BLITZ blow off valve, turbo timer, 4 additional gauges, Roll bars, SPARCO seat and belt, RAZO shift knob, APLINE CD/MD unit, After market body kits, MAZDA SPEED rear wing, PIAA fog lamp, etc.

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